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Certified Change Management Specialist (CMS)

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Certified Change Management Specialist (CMS)

Certification Overview

 The Change Management Specialist (CMS)® Certification, developed exclusively for the Management and Strategy Institute, is designed to give the student a solid understanding of how to implement change in a corporate environment.  The training material included with the Change Management certification will help you design and manage change programs, persuade people to change and respond to resistance to change.  The Change Management Specialist (CMS)® certification exam will challenge your knowledge on the subject matter.

Learning Objectives

After going through LAI-SM certification course, the learners are able to:

The Importance of Effective Change Management

Positive changes to a business can help it be more efficient, less wasteful, and more productive. Here’s how you can apply it to your company.
Organizational change management is essentially a wide-scale plan that aims to increase individual and organizational effectiveness by making use of behavioral science technology. The purpose of this is to reduce the chances of negative fallout in a business and to put more emphasis on the “people side” of how an organization can change.

Why is effective change management important?

Provide direction to units in your organization

  •  Losing your sense of direction is common. If you’re a fairly large organization, then embracing effective change management can help ensure that individual units can align themselves with your business’s goals. It also helps to track and resolve issues as they appear.

Adapting to external changes

  •  Businesses can find it challenging to adapt to external changes unless they have a strong and versatile team. External factors can play a considerable role in organizational change. A great example would be the COVID-19 pandemic that forced many of us to work from home. By embracing these factors and managing these changes effectively, you can work towards maintaining an effective business.

Improving overall performance, efficiency, and productivity

  •  Organizations that adapt to different ways of working are usually at the forefront of productivity-increasing strategies. When you adapt to different workflows, it can encourage innovation, it can motivate workers, and will increase productivity. As such, it’s essential to place a heavy emphasis on effective change management.
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