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Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (LAI-EAC)

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Certified Enterprise Agile Coach (LAI-EAC)

Certification Overview

LAI certified Enterprise Agile Coach (LAI-EAC) is a designation provided to someone who completes the Learning Objectives based on Enterprise Agile Coaching Competency Framework, the only framework existing today that defines the profession of Enterprise Agile Coach and demonstrates the knowledge to perform this role.

Learning Objectives

After going through LAI-EAC certification course, the learners are able to:

  • Explain the competencies and gain the knowledge needed to develop those Enterprise Agile Coaching competencies.
  • Distinguish among the different coaching expertise needed for Enterprise Agile Coaching – Lean-Agile Coaching, Professional Coaching, Organizational and Systems Coaching & Executive and Leadership Coaching and demonstrate these.
  • Assess themselves against the Enterprise Agile Coaching Competencies and create a self-development path.
  • Understand Lean-Agile Mindset, Values, Principles and Practices and leverage these in coaching the Enterprise during the Agile Transformation.
  • Demonstrate use of tools and techniques from the discipline of Organizational Change and create strategy to lead Agile Transformation as an Enterprise Agile Coach, even for organizations with highly resistant cultures.
  • Use concepts of Systems Thinking in coaching Agile Transformation in the Enterprise and leverage it for quick wins.
  • Demonstrate knowledge regarding Business Agility and implementing agile way of working in functions other than Technology like Finance, Procurement, Marketing, HR, Operations etc.
  • Engage with the Organization as well as with other Enterprise Agile Coaches with different expertise to coach Agile Transformation.